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About Our Shoes

Comfortable Shoes Make People Happy!

    Our lineup includes modern and classic styles made from quality materials.
      There are many great shoemakers all over the world, so naturally, we source shoes from factories around the world.
      Just check each style to find out where it was made. 
      Our insoles, however, are made right here in the USA!


      Our Shoes typically take 4-8 weeks before they arrive at your door.

      Why Made To Order?

      Leather is just like skin. Without moisturizer, it can dry up and even crack. Since our shoes are handcrafted at the time a customer places an order, this ensures that the leather isn't sitting around getting dry in a warehouse or on a shelf.

      Soft supple leather will be the most comfortable to wear, reduce the break-in period and will quickly mold to the foot.

      For example, this is why when you find shoes at an outlet store, the leather is hard and it can hurt to break the shoe in. The reason for this is that by the time the shoe reaches an outlet store, the leather has been sitting in a box drying up for what could be years.

      Production Overview

      Cut: Raw material is hand cut for the upper of the shoe

      Sewing: The upper patter and lining are being stitched together to create the final upper piece that will be stretched and molded over the shoe last.  The shoe then passes through the assembly line to finish the sole stitching

      Lasting: The upper is stretched over the shoe last and left on the last for 3 days for the shoe to take shape. 

      Pre-Patina: The shoe is now ready to be takin to the Patina Workshop where they apply natural dyes and oils by hand to color the shoe. 

      Finishing: the finishing department does the final retouching and brushing to get the perfect look.

      Packing: The order will be packed and checked for any additional service or accessories that may have been requested

      Inspection: the order will be inspected for any imperfections.  If an imperfection is found, then this will delay shipment.

      Ready to ship: Once the order is ready to ship, a pickup  will be scheduled for the next business day. Our shoes are shipped express from Spain to us here in Philadelphia.

      Arrival Inspection: Once the shoes arrive in Philadelphia, I personally inspect every pair for imperfections and can send you pictures of your shoe.

      Insole Fitting: We then fit the shoe with our medical grade triple density insoles. 

      Final Shipment: We then pack up your order and send them via USPS Priority 2-day shipping directly to your front door!


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